"I promise to keep working hard for Liverpool Riverside and all constituents." 

I am delighted and honoured to have served the communities of Liverpool Riverside for the past 20 years. 

I hope you will consider voting for Labour in the forthcoming election in Liverpool Riverside.  

On April 18th, Theresa May called a snap election and Parliament was dissolved on May 3rd. There are no MPs until after the General Election on June 8th. 

From the north end - Kirkdale - to the south - Princes Park, Greenbank, Mossley Hill and St Michael's - with our important city centre sandwiched between, covering the Central and Riverside wards, I promise to keep standing up for the whole constituency in Parliament.  

I meet many residents regularly at events and at my advice surgeries. I receive hundreds of correspondence items weekly, in the post and by email, I always try to help everyone who contacts me. I see community groups, meet with schools, universities, and businesses, as well as helping individuals and families on a wide range of issues. 

I have challenged the Tory government on cuts to public services including health and social care and education. I have campaigned for good public transport, including local buses.

It is vitally important that Riverside retains a strong Labour voice in Parliament.

I ask you to consider re-electing me as your representative on June 8th.

Best wishes,